JFC Market Management Inc.JFC Market Management Inc. provides business development services to manufacturers of consumer packaged goods, especially in the areas of natural, organic, sustainable, specialty or eco-friendly and related products, sold primarily in the grocery, drug, discount, distributor, club store and natural grocery classes of trade.

Our mission is to add value to the market and channel development process by providing a shared expense load among non-competing clients who are aiming at the same markets and channels, while bringing years of top-level sales and marketing management experience to bear on the tasks necessary to achieve excellent distribution, sell-through and ongoing promotion of our client's products. When the client succeeds, we do as well. 

We take our client's financial imperatives seriously, and tend to suggest long term, conservative approaches to business development, keeping expenses low and marketing costs as rational as possible. 

Additionally, we seek to aid our clients in participating in the broader vision of marketing products that contribute to a sustainable future for ourselves, our planet and future generations. To that end, our focus is primarily on natural, organic, sustainable and ecologically minded consumer products, as well as companies looking to shift their current product mix in that direction. 



JFC Market Management Inc.
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